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Rewinder Earthing System for external floating roof tanks is an effective and virtually maintenance free electrical grounding system specifically designed for subduing sustained arcs during lightning storms. The unit is bolted to the highest point of the tank and the tinned copper braided cable is bolted to a point on the floating roof – it extends and retracts as the floating roof travels up and down.

  • Permanent contact between the tank roof and the tank shell
  • The length of grounding cable varies with the position of the floating roof giving the lowest possible impedance/resistance to safely discharge lighting currents
  • The sealed unit is made from stainless steel and can be fitted with the tank in service
  • Weather proof sturdy construction suitable for most environments
  • Can be installed and maintained with the tank in service




Spill Check™ – Features
  • Can be used in many drainage system applications
  • Protection of surrounding soil and ground water from contamination
  • No external power required for operation
  • Visual and remote indicators signal valve closure
  • Reduces maintenance costs
  • Floating roof drain system valves can remain open
  • Reduces possibility of floating roof sinking
  • Protects the surrounding soil and groundwater
  • Visual and remote indicator signal the end of the valve
  • Easy to install
  • Can be fitted with electronic sensor


The Gauge Hatches, these are accessories for storage tanks, always located on the top of them (Dome).

they are use to have an easy and effective access to the interior of the storage tanks to make the follow tasks:

• Manual Level Check up.
• Sampling.
• Charge or Discharge.

In General, any activity that requires an immediate access to the interior of the tank, taking the precaution as an adequate enclosure.

Emergency Pressure Relief Vent
Pipe-Away Relief Vents
Pressure / Vacuum Relief Vents
Tank Blanketing Valves


Detonation Arresters

Withstand and arrest high velocity and pressure flame fronts approaching from either direction in closed or manifolded piping systems.

End-of-Line Parallel Plate Flame Arrester

Provides protection of the tank’s vapor space if an ignition source is introduced outside of the tank. The large wing nut and swing bolt assemblies allow full access to the arrester elements for easy inspection and maintenance. A spare element can be quickly installed to safeguard the tank while the original element is serviced.

Flame Arresters

Prevent exterior flame entry into storage or processing tanks via vent opening.